Yung Kim, CEO

DZS is at the forefront of the new connected world. Consumption in homes and businesses continues to grow, driving strong market demand for ultra high speed broadband internet access across fiber, copper, wifi and mobile networks. We take pride in our role as a global leader in broadband and mobile, offering innovative solutions on highly reliable platforms that deliver the most positive broadband connection experience today and into the future.  

I am committed to empowering the advancement that this broadband experience gives to our customers. DZS brings to market the most comprehensive portfolio of smart interoperable platforms to connect the world to everything and everyone. Our focus on smart customizable platforms enables our customers to offer new innovative services to their end users. The result is increased average revenue per user, made possible with solutions to the real world operational challenges of this next era of the Internet age.


Founded: February 1996
CEO: Yung Kim
Headquarters: Plano, CA
Employees: 700+
DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (“DZS” or the “Company”) is a global provider of ultra-broadband network access solutions and communications platforms deployed by advanced Tier 1, 2 and 3 service providers and enterprise customers. DZS’ solutions are deployed by over 900 customers in more than 80 countries worldwide. DZS’ ultra-broadband solutions are focused on delivering innovative solutions that empower global communication advancement by shaping the internet connection experience. Every connection matters, and the first connection to the internet and cloud services applications matters the most. The Company’s principal focus is centered around enabling customers to connect everything and everyone to the internet-cloud economy via ultra-broadband connectivity solutions.

DZS researches, develops, tests, sells, manufactures and supports platforms in five major areas: Broadband Access, Mobile Backhaul, Ethernet Switching with Software Defined Networking (“SDN”) capabilities, new solutions purpose-built for the Enterprise based on Passive Optical LAN (“POL”), and new generation of SDN/ Network Function Virtualization (“NFV”) solutions for unified wired and wireless networks.

DZS is headquartered in Oakland, California, but has extensive regional development and support centers around the world to support a globally diverse base of customers.

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We empower global advancement by shaping the Internet experience of the future

Broadband Internet access plays a vital role in advancement and prosperity for organizations and individuals alike. Learn what DZS is doing to enhance and progress that experience, today and into the future.

Create significant value for our customers by delivering innovative broadband solutions

Born in broadband, we at DZS focus on the value that comes from the right combination of factors, as experienced by our customers. Learn what customers have achieved using the best in cost, quality, and performance, without the tradeoffs.

For telecommunications providers & enterprises seeking to advance their networks

Every connection matters, and your first connection to the cloud matters most. DZS solution’s focus is centered around enabling Communication Service Providers (CSP) and Enterprise customers to achieve actionable outcomes from the Internet-Cloud economy by proving both high speed connections to the Internet,  as well as end user data analytics.

We exist to connect everyone to Internet using advanced networking technologies. As a company of innovators, we focus on simple engineering to achieve the highest form of innovation. In the profusion of new technologies such as IoT, big data, and multi-cloud, complexity is the new hard problem to solve, and complexity is on the wrong side of progress.

At the center of everything we do at DZS

DZS solutions are proven in the most demanding Tier 1 carriers around the globe who now deliver the worlds faster internet connections speeds. We are also empowering carriers in the developing world to rapidly connect everyone and everything to the Internet. The strength of our global diversity of 1000+ customers is unique among network access solutions vendors. The DZS result: no single customer takes our focus away from making all customers successful as every connection matters.


Learn more about our commitment to innovation.

DZS fiber solutions deliver 10 gigabit and gigabit-per-second bandwidth that’s required for today and tomorrow’s connected world. Whether it’s in support of a rural or urban community with FTTH, or a complex enterprise environment, DZS access technologies that support end-to-end voice, data and video delivery across NGPON-2, GPON, Active Ethernet, Optical LAN technologies.

DZS copper solutions deliver multiservice across traditional copper networks.   DZS portfolio offers a solution for  end-to-end voice, data and video delivery across copper POTs,xDSL, G.Fast networks.

The global leader in multiservice access gateways  either on-premises or off-premises deployment devivering multiservice : POTS, Ethernet, RF Coax, RF, Wireless, IPTV

DZS is pioneering the development of access and edge-networking equipment that drives software-based cloud controllers to enable carrier and data center network transformation.: Data Analytics, SDN-NFV – CORD

FiberLAN(tm) from DZS offers a new type of Enterprise infrastructure that is  cost-effective, energy-efficient and space-saving with  ultra-high bandwidth 10Gbps enterprise networks that can’t be matched by traditional copper networks.  FiberLAN(tm)   Passive Optical LAN  solutions from DZS and upcoming xGPON products can deliver up to four times more bandwidth, per rack unit, than competitors.

Enterprise  switching-routing  platforms from DZS are cost-effective, easy-to-use and come equipped with  software defined networking features.

Cloud management of all your services IoT, POTS, Ethernet, RF Coax, RF, Wireless, IPTV from the ConnectedCloudTM from DZS.

DZS has optimized its mobile backhaul and fronthaul solutions for excellent performance and approachable costs, while also making them more flexible and manageable for mobile access networks.

DZS welcomes Investor feedback and proposals

At DZS we are committed to satisfying our investors by meeting or exceeding expectations. We are continuously striving to accomplish the highest standards of investor satisfaction by constantly improving the capabilities, quality, and delivery of our information.

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